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Electrical Safety System: An overview of the Standardization Process, Certification, Verification and Testing – Focus on Mexico

The 24th General Meeting of the CANENA Council will take place in Mexico City, Mexico, February 24-26, 2016. This will mark the start of a three-year circuit to be followed by Canada and then the United States.  The focused will be on each country’s  national electrical safety system, electrotechnical standardization, conformity assessment and metrology.  This presents the perfect training opportunity for novices and experts alike to become immersed in electrical safety, standards and conformity assessment activities at a national level.

With Mexico’s industry participation, the National Association for Standardization and Certification of Electrical Sector (ANCE) has played an important role in the development and maintenance of Mexican Standards recognized as world class. This program is intended to leave attendees knowledgeable of ANCE’s aim, its mission and vision and a good understanding of Mexico’s electrical safety system, basic principles for standardization and conformity assessment, including ANCE’s conformity assessment role in Mexico.

In addition, holding the CANENA Annual General Meeting in Mexico City, a unique global city, provides an opportunity to visit ANCE’s product testing facility and to receive training on product certification by Mexico’s federally recognized electrotechnical safety standards developer and certification body.  It also provides one an opportunity to take full advantage of an ANCE sponsored daylong technical visit to Mexico’s National Metrology Centre (CENAM) and its laboratory of testing equipment and materials (LAPEM) during the 2016 CANENA AGM, scheduled for Friday, February 26, 2016.  Transpiration is to be provided.

The National Metrology Centre (CENAM), a government entity reporting to the Secretary of the Economy, is Mexico’s national reference laboratory on measurements. It is responsible for establishing and maintaining national standards; provides metrological services for the calibration of instruments and standards; performs certification and develops reference materials; offers specialized courses in metrology, consulting and sale of publications.  Liaises with other national laboratories and with international organizations involved in metrology, in order to ensure international recognition of Mexico’s national standards and, consequently, promote global acceptance of Mexico’s products and services.  CENAM is located in the city of El Marques, Queretaro, Mexico.

The Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) is a decentralized government agency responsible for generating, distributing and marketing electrical power for 36.1 million customers.  CFE operates a laboratory of testing equipment and materials, known as LAPEM.  The laboratory conducts specialized engineering studies in the area of protection, insulation, diagnostic testing and/or isolation of electrical equipment and supervises the commissioning of power plants or systems.  The laboratory is located in Irapuato, Guanajuato.


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