Technical Committees

02 Rotating Machines 23A Metal Cable Trays
15C Electrical Tubing and Sleeving Products 23A Electrical Non-Ferrous Rigid Conduit (Aluminum, Red Brass & Stainless Steel)
17A/121A/121B Industrial Control Equipment 23A Nonmetallic Cable Trays
THSC 121A WG GR General Rules 23A Metal Electrical Conduit and Fittings for Conduit and Cable
THSC 121A WG1 Medium Voltage Controllers 23A Nonmetallic Raceway Products and Accessories
THSC 121A WG3 Pilot and Control Circuit Devices 23A-62275 Cable Ties
THSC 121A WG4 Fire Pump Controllers 23B-1 Switch and Outlet Boxes
THSC 121A WG5 Terminal Blocks 23BC Wiring Devices
THSC 121A WG6 Transfer Switches 23E Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
17A/121A/17C/121B WG 7 Revising IEC-Based CANENA Harmonized Standards 23H Pin and Sleeve Type Plugs, Receptacles and Connectors
THSC WG8 Transfer Switches over 750V 32 Low Voltage Fuses and Fuseholders
17B Enclosed Switches 34 Lighting Products
121A Molded Case Circuit Breakers 61C Safety Requirements for Household Refrigerators & Freezers
17D Busways 61D Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment
17D Panelboard and Switchboard 70/31 Enclosures
121B Control Centers 99 Connectors
20 Electric Cables THC69-1 EVSE and Personnel Protection
THSC 20, Flexible Cords and Cables THC69-2 EVSE Connectors
THSC 20, Building Wire and Cable THSC 20, Wire and Cable Test Methods
THSC23A-WG1 Electrical Rigid Metal Conduit – Aluminum, Red Brass, and Stainless Steel CANENA 121A PV Circuit Breakers
THC 26 Electric Welding THC 22H Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)
THSC 20 Electric Vehicle Cables