Throughout his many years of service in leadership roles within CANENA, including his term as president, Tim McNeive demonstrated outstanding service and leadership and worked tirelessly to promote the benefits of CANENA membership. To honor Mr. McNeive’s work and to show appreciation for the contributions of other hardworking CANENA members, the CANENA Executive Committee has established the Tim McNeive Leadership Award, which will be presented to a CANENA member in good standing who has provided great service to CANENA and the electrical industry.

Timeline & Criteria

The CANENA Executive Committee will select an award recipient from nominations submitted by members and will present the award at the CANENA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in February.

A call for nominations will be sent to members no later than July 1 each year. This year’s nominations must be submitted by completing the Tim Mcneive Leadership Award form and sending it to Joel Solis no later than December 1, 2021. Candidates should be CANENA members in good standing who have demonstrated exceptional support for CANENA harmonization efforts through understanding and skillfully applying the CANENA process and procedures and employing strong interpersonal and leadership skills.

Supporting Company and Association Members