What is COPANT?

The Pan American Standards Commission, better known by its Spanish acronym COPANT (La Comisión Panamericana de Normas Técnicas), is a voluntary, independent organization of 32 active national standards bodies representing the countries of the Americas (North America, Central America/Caribbean, South America). The United States is represented in COPANT by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) which is also a member of the COPANT Board of Directors, Technical Management Committee, and Training Committee.


What does COPANT do?

Promotes voluntary standardization as a means of improving economic efficiency, free trade and development in the region while at the same time safeguarding regional health, safety and the environment


Why is COPANT is important to CANENA?

To strengthen regional ties and ensure that CANENA interests are considered in the development of standards that impact trade in the Americas.  Respectful of the primary role of the official national representation to COPANT, CANENA seeks a cooperation agreement with COPANT in order to ensure a complementary relationship in electrotechnical standardization within the region.


COPANT Reports

2019 COPANT Report – None.

2018 COPANT Report 

2017 COPANT Report

2016 COPANT Report

2015 COPANT Report

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