The IEC and CANENA have agreed to cooperate in a number of areas, covering especially
cross representation and exchange of technical information.

CANENA, when possible, should harmonize Standards being developed under CANENA auspices with IEC

For products not covered by IEC standards and to ensure global relevance, standards developed
under the auspices of CANENA will be submitted for consideration by IEC through one or more members of
the IEC and CANENA, using the normal IEC procedures.


  1. To promote the implementation of IEC standards in response to market demands.
  2. To ensure transparency of the standards process and, thus, to facilitate world trade.
  3. To ensure a rationale use of available resources in standardization activities.
  4. To accelerate the standardization process sin response to market demands.
  5. To facilitate implementation of agreements already reached concerning the nations and regions of the Americas (e.g. IEC/COPANT, NAFTA, IEC/AMN).
  6. To inform non-IEC members of CANENA about IEC-related activities.

Exchange of information at Central Office / Executive Secretary level

The IEC General Secretary will provide the CANENA Secretary-General with access to the IEC web site for the following:

  1. IEC Directory,
  2. Catalogue of IEC Standards,
  3. Databases, which cover the status of all technical projects,
  4. Inside the IEC, which gives general information on the IEC,
  5. Public information, including IEC e-tech and annual performance report,
  6. Council documents, which include all CB decisions and reports to Council,
  7. Standardization Management Board documents available to National Committees (NCs),
  8. Conformity Assessment Board documents available to NCs.

The CANENA Secretary-General issues via postings to the CANENA web site for IEC/Central Office:

  1. Directory of CANENA members,
  2. Bylaws,
  3. Standardization procedures,
  4. Technical Harmonization Committee Directory,
  5. Meeting Minutes of certain Technical Harmonization Committees (THCs) on request (MS Word 6.0 version),
  6. Minutes of the Meeting of the Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations of the Americas (CANENA),
  7. Minutes of the Members Forum of CANENA.

Other general non-technical information will be made available as the need arises by special agreement
between the IEC/Central Office and CANENA Secretary-General.


When CANENA establishes a Technical Harmonization Committee (THC) or Technical Harmonization Subcommittee (THSC) that parallels the activity of an IEC Technical Committee or one of its Subcommittees, it shall notify the IEC who in return will arrange for specific data of the equivalent IEC/TC or SC to be transferred to the CANENA/THC. CANENA will undertake to convey the results of its standards harmonization activities to the IEC.

Cross Representation

A representative of CANENA is invited to attend the annual IEC General Meeting,
specifically the Council and Standardization Management Board plenary meetings.

A representative of IEC is invited to attend the annual CANENA Council Meeting and
Members Forum.

CANENA members are encouraged to participate in IEC technical work by joining their
national committees and actively serving as national experts in the work of TCs/SCs of
interest to the region.

Representatives from the IEC National Committees in nations of the Americas are allowed
to be represented in the CANENA Council.

CANENA Annual Report

2019 IEC Report

2018 IEC Report

2017 IEC Report

2016 IEC Report

Implementation of the Agreement

The IEC General Secretary and CANENA Secretary-General are responsible for the implementation
of this Agreement. Regular reports will be submitted to both Councils. It may be terminated by
either party six months after written notice to cancel.

Date: 2007-01-11 (replaces Agreement dated 2000-09-17)

Glossary of acronyms and abbreviations

CANENAConsejo de Armonización de Normas Electrotécnicas de las Naciones de las Americas (Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations of the Americas)
COPANTComisión Panamericana de Normas Técnicas (Panamerican Commission of Technical Standards)
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission
AMNAsociasión MERCOSUR de Normalización
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement
SDOStandards Development Organization
TCTechnical Committee
THCTechnical Harmonization Committee
THSCTechnical Harmonization Subcommittee
THWGTechnical Harmonization Working Group
Supporting Company and Association Members