The U.S. National Committee of IEC acknowledges and supports the Cooperation Agreement between CANENA and IEC (September 2000/Revised January 2007) and, as a matter of policy, will work to support and implement its objectives in the United States.


The USNC supports the overall objectives of CANENA and believes that the best method for ensuring the success of the IEC – CANENA Agreement is to facilitate strong and effective cooperation and interface between the related CANENA Technical Harmonization Committees (THCs) and the related USNC Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs). To that end the USNC will work to ensure strong and effective lines of communications are established between the two entities. Where possible, U.S. members of the THCs will be encouraged to join the relevant USNC


The USNC/Council has appointed, on an interim basis and until additional experience is gained, two Council members as officially designated USNC Liaison Representatives to CANENA. One purpose of this liaison is to provide a two-way communication channel between the USNC/Council and CANENA. Additionally, the Liaisons will facilitate communication between the USNC/Council and the U.S. Caucus to CANENA. The USNC’s Liaison Representatives will report to the USNC/Council at each of its meetings and are to communicate USNC/Council positions to the annual CANENA Council meetings. The USNC Liaison Representatives are not authorized to commit the USNC/Council to any course of action without specific authorization.

Approved by: USNC Council 23 May 2007
Ref. USNC/Council 277

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