The Future of Regional Harmonization: A U.S. Perspective

As globalization increases among manufacturers, so too does the importance of cross-border Standards harmonization. Manufacturers prefer certifying products to meet the requirements of as many regions as possible, using just one Standard and one conformity assessment scheme.

Products and technology are also evolving at a rapid pace. CANENA provides guidance when considering avenues for regional harmonization of new technologies. This guidance helps manufacturers identify ways to collaborate and accelerates the harmonization process to match the speed of technological innovation. As we continue to work on regional harmonization, we must also consider the needs of stakeholders and pursue harmonization where we can make the most impact.

To meet the demands of global companies while also streamlining and accelerating the harmonization process, we should maximize opportunities to harmonize regional standards with IEC and ISO. As we move into the future, the need for harmonization is not likely to slow down, and we must be able to address the rise in demand from stakeholders for more harmonization. We need to be ready to meet the market’s demands and match the quick pace of technology with our processes and Standards.

Save the Date: 2022 Annual Meeting in Mexico

Join us at the CANENA Annual Meeting on February 23-24, 2022, in Mexico City and celebrate our 30th anniversary! Since our inception, we’ve harmonized 110 safety-designated product Standards recognized as National Standards by Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. To help us celebrate, the 2022 Planning Committee, led by ANCE Director of Standardization Luis Ivan Hernandez, is planning for an opening reception and presidential dinner as the perfect backdrop to reconnect with colleagues.

Executive Committee Nominations

The U.S. Member-at-Large serves as a voting Member of the CANENA Executive Committee and supports the U.S. Vice President during the annual U.S. CANENA Caucus Meeting.

The current U.S. Member-at-Large, Alert Innovation Product Safety and Standards Engineering Manager Svetlana Ulemek’s term will end following the 2022 CANENA Annual General Meeting.

Nominations are invited from U.S. CANENA Members in good standing. They are requested to be submitted to the CANENA Secretariat Office, Joel Solis, on Friday, October 1, 2021 with a short candidate CV.

All nominations received will be considered during the 2021 November U.S. CANENA Caucus meeting to reach a decision on a single nomination to be presented to the CANENA Executive Committee for decision at the 2022 CANENA Council Meeting.

Leadership Award Nominations

TCANENA is now accepting nominations for the 2022 Tim McNeive Leadership Award, which honors a CANENA Member in good standing who has provided great service to CANENA and the electrical industry. Nominations are due by October 31, 2021, to Joel Solis.  Click here for more information..

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