Attend the 2019 AGM in Mexico City

The 27th CANENA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held February 27–28 at Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel in Mexico City.

The 2019 AGM will focus on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and its implication to regional cooperation and standardization. Other topics include:

  • Creation of International Standards
  • Purpose of permitting national adoption of multiple Standards having the same scope
  • Use of electronic labels
  • Legislative efforts by CANENA to ensure national laws are cohesive with USMCA
  • Duty-free shopping threshold and how online shoppers benefit from faster shipping
  • Investor-state dispute settlement regarding electrical infrastructure investments in light of Mexico’s recent deregulation of electrical power generation


Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel
Paseo de la Reforma 325 Col. Cuauhtemoc
06500 Ciudad de Mexico, CDMX

New Regional and International Landscape

On November 30, the leaders of the tri-lateral countries signed the USMCA at the G-20 Leaders’ Summit. Now, each country’s national legislatures need to ratify the USMCA, meaning most of its new provisions will not go into effect until 2020.

CANENA advances the regional harmonization of electrotechnical product safety Standards for products intended for use in North America by reducing technical barriers to trade caused by differing Standards, national conformity assessment, and product installation criteria.

Today, CANENA has produced more than 90 regionally harmonized electrotechnical safety Standards. CANENA facilitates transparent regional collaboration with participating standard development organizations that provide technical input. CANENA also shepherds the harmonized Standard development process to national publication and recognition by regulatory authorities.

Legal Compliance and Record Retention Policies

CANENA President Julian Yarza recently announced new policy additions to the organization. The Legal Compliance Program and Record Retention Policy are designed to guide business decisions based on all applicable laws and policies as well as to facilitate full and accurate financial disclosure. Read about the Legal Compliance here and Retention Policy here.

Meeting Sponsorship Available

The CANENA AGM provides industry leaders, regulators, product users, and other stakeholders in the field of electrical and electronic products the ability to promote your organization and your business as a sponsor of the meeting and related activities. Visit our website for more information.

Help CANENA Grow its Membership

We highly encourage current Members to recommend CANENA to related electrotechnical representatives, associations, and chambers. CANENA membership is available to individuals and enterprises engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of any electrical product that is intended for sale and use in the Americas and Caribbean. We promote Member competitiveness through networking and firsthand knowledge of standardization trends. For more information, visit our website.

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