CANENA Connects March 2023 Issue

CANENA Annual General Meeting

The Council for North American Electrotechnical Standards Harmonization (CANENA) celebrated its 30th Anniversary at its Annual General Meeting on February 22 and 23, 2023 in Mexico City, Mexico. The meeting brought together electrotechnical industry stakeholders from the United States, Canada, and Mexico to highlight CANENA’s past, agree on CANENA relevance in addressing current standardization topics and develop future ideas for CANENA.
The conference featured a range of speakers, several panels and breakout discussions, networking opportunities, and an inspiring keynote speech from Odon de Buen, Director General, Mexican Energy Commission, known as CONUEE. The three electrotechnical trade associations leaders were present, participating on a panel to discuss current market conditions, future product standard harmonization endeavors, and the immense opportunities for the electrical industry:
• Carol McGlogan, President and CEO of Electro-Federation Canada (EFC)
• Salvador Portillo Arellano, President, National Chamber of Electrical Manufactures (CANAME)
• Debra Phillips, President and CEO, National Electrical Manufacturers (NEMA)
• Guy Benjamin, CANENA President

CANENA was proud to also host standardization leaders:
• Amaury Santos, Latin America Regional Director, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
• Mr. Raúl Del Rosario Quinteros, President, International Electrotechnical Commission of Peru.
• Ms. Lina Clemencia Pulgarin, President, IEC National Committee of Colombia
Panel discussions were held to discuss the history of CANENA as an organization and the events that led to its inception, the role of the Standards Developing Organizations ANCE, UL, and CSA in the harmonization landscape in the Americas, as well as the importance of understanding the three country’s installation codes. Reports from partner organizations IEC, COPANT, and FINCA were heard along with a panel on the strategic importance of international standardization in the context of electromobility.

Overall, the conference provided an enriching experience for attendees to learn, connect, and be inspired by the latest developments and ideas for electrotechnical standards harmonization embracing the technologies of the future. CANENA facilitates electrical product safety standards harmonization promoting product innovation, competitiveness to the benefit of reduction of barrier to trade in the Americas.

Announcement – 2024 CANENA Annual Meeting in Costa Rica

The CANENA and Executive Committee and Council are proud to announce the next CANENA Annual Meeting will be in Costa Rica on February 21 and 22, 2024. In addition to panels and other discussions, the meeting will serve to recognize the 10 year anniversary of Costa Rica’s adoption of the National Electrical Code. Additional details will be provided as they become available.

Member Renewals for 2023

The 2023 Membership drive is now live! 2023 Memberships run from January 1st to December 31st as a calendar year and do not rollover to the next year.
Memberships fund CANENA and its essential operations to support regional harmonization of electrotechnical product safety Standards between the countries of the Americas. Choosing CANENA for Standards harmonization ensures the output reflects regional institutions, their values, and installed infrastructure. Our commitment to you is to keep the cost low and allow a more significant number of CANENA projects. We thank you for your support. Member renewal registration is now open and can be completed online:
2023 CANENA Membership Registration
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