CANENA Annual General Meeting in Costa Rica

The Council for North American Electrotechnical Standards Harmonization (CANENA) held its 31st Annual General Meeting on February 21 and 22, 2024 in San Jose, Costa Rica. The objective of this gathering was to celebrate and continue advancing regional electrotechnical product safety standards harmonization. The message for the nations of the Americas was that CANENA can reduce technical barriers to trade caused by differing national conformity assessment and product installation criteria.

CANENA exhibited an exciting two-day program, featuring two major themes:

• International standards for Electrified Renewables. Electrical safety standards for Electric Vehicles, energy storage, micro grids, and Low voltage Direct Current technologies and Circular Economy for Electrical Products.

• Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Costa Rica’s adoption of the National Electric Code®, featuring a detailed review of the 2023 electric code and a 2026 preview.

The conference featured a range of speakers, several panels and breakout discussions, networking opportunities, and inspiring keynote speeches from Jaime Gutiérrez, International Development Director for Latin America at NFPA, and Fernando Escalante, Ingenieros Electricistas, Mecánicos e Industriales (CIEMI).

Overall, the conference provided an enriching experience for attendees to learn, connect, and be inspired by the latest developments and ideas for electrotechnical standards harmonization embracing the technologies of the future and to celebrate the proliferation of the National Electric Code®. CANENA facilitates electrical product safety standards harmonization promoting product innovation, competitiveness to the benefit of reduction of barrier to trade in the Americas.

CANENA Recruits Ecuador and Reaches Agreement with IEC
CANENA (Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations of the Americas) acts as a facilitator for electrotechnical standards harmonization. CANENA is proud to publish two announcements:

• CANENA has received confirmation from INEN (Servicio Ecuatoriano de Normalización), the Ecuadorian Standards Development Organization (SDO), that they would like to join CANENA and start harmonizing standards with the US, Canada, and Mexico.
• CANENA has reached an agreement with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) to continue a formal partnership.

    Why It Matters: CANENA is at the forefront of the international strategy to foster collaboration with Central and South American countries on electrotechnical standards harmonization.

    Go Deeper: CANENA facilitates the harmonization of electrotechnical standards with the SDOs of the US, Canada, and Mexico, developing electrical safety requirements are as closely aligned as possible. These efforts assist industry to develop better, more reliable products, boosting business and ensuring that safe products are correctly installed as intended. The IEC is a longtime partner of CANENA and the new agreement provides a refreshed outlook for collaboration and reiterates each party’s commitment to information sharing, sound standards processes, and the facilitation of standards harmonization.

    What’s Next: CANENA Executive Committee members are working to onboard INEN and to attract additional Central and South American countries to join. CANENA and INEN plan to meet at the COPANT (Pan American Standards Commission) meetings in Brazil in April/May 2024.

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