The Council is the supreme authority of the organization; it is formed by its general members in good standing and represents their corporate body. It is the supreme authority of the organization and is required to meet approximately every fifteen months.  The purpose for the Council meeting is as follows:

  • receive the report on the activities of the organization since the last meeting;
  • approve the Auditor’s report for the previous year and the budget for the current year;
  • confirm actions of the Executive Committee and the Audit Committee taken since the last meeting.


The Executive Committee consist of a President, country Vice-Presidents, Country Members-at-Large, the Treasurer, the Immediate Past President and non-voting members consisting of the Ambassador-at-Large and a representative from each of the participating National Standard Development Organizations. The responsibilities of the Executive Committee is to:

  • implement the decisions of the Council;
  • prepare recommendations for the Council;
  • coordinate all technical activities;
  • establish and monitor the operations of the CANENA product sector Technical Harmonization Committees and Technical Harmonization Subcommittees;
  • establish standards harmonization procedures to ensure the principles of consensus are followed;
  • support the development of maintenance procedures for harmonized standards; and
  • appoint a registrar to maintain the Council’s membership register.
  • appoint a Controller to maintain the Council’s accounting books, invoices and payments.

The 2022 CANENA Council Meeting was held on February 24, 2022 online. A meeting notice, accompanied with the agenda, shall was dispatched to the members at least one month before the date scheduled for a Council meeting.


2022 May 4 Executive Committee

2022 Feb 24 Council

2022 Feb. 18 Executive Committee

2021 Sep. 21 Executive Committee
2021 Feb 25 Council
2021 Feb 25 Executive Committee

2020 Dec 1 Executive Committee
2020 Sep 21 Executive Committee
2020 May 12 Executive Committee
2020 Feb 18 Executive Committee
2020 Feb 18 Council

2019 Dec 18 Executive Committee
2019 Sep 04 Executive Committee
2019 May 22 Executive Committee
2019 Feb 26 Executive Committee
2019 Feb 28 Council

2018 Dec 17 Executive Committee
2018 Oct 30-31 Executive Committee
2018 May 31 Executive Committee
2018 May 14 Executive Committee
2018 Feb 20 Executive Committee
2018 Feb 22 Council

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