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CANENA˗˗˗ Setting Standards of Regional Excellence

CANENA membership is available to any individual actively engaged in any electrical product that is intended for sale and use in the Americas; whether it’s building infrastructure, building systems, industrial products and systems, lighting systems, medical imaging, transportation or utility products and systems; and nationally recognized electrotechnical safety standard development organizations, and other regional associations.  Members strive to be representative of those in their country that are directly or materially affected by the activities of CANENA.

CANENA promotes the competitiveness of its members by providing:

  • Advance Information – Firsthand knowledge of standardization trends and their impact
  • Industry Influence – Ability to influence strategic direction in standards development and maintenance
  • Increased Corporate Profile – Association with industry leaders and stakeholders
    • Valuable networking opportunities
  • Risk Reduction – Cost saving efficiencies in standards participation
    • Valuable insights on business investment decisions
    • Avoid threats from lack of involvement


General: Representative of a trade association or chamber, a professional society, association, individual company, unaffiliated individual or government agency that is a stakeholder of the electrotechnical industry within the nations of the Americas are eligible for general membership in CANENA.

Combine Multiple Memberships

Company: An individual company having multiple CANENA members is eligible for company membership. Company membership enables individual companies with multiple CANENA members to pay dues conveniently with only one annual dues payment.  A company member is permitted to have an unlimited number of general memberships. However, up to 10 general members under a company membership can be designated as “voting representatives” for the purpose of Council votes.

Sponsoring Company: In addition to Regular membership, a Sponsoring company member provides CANENA with an additional annual contribution above the annual dues payment of a Company member. This additional contribution is designated to help offset CANENA’s annual administrative expenses. Sponsoring companies receive special recognition on the CANENA website and at the CANENA Annual General Meeting.

Association: All electrotechnical manufacturer trade associations or chambers, professional societies, and other stakeholder associations are eligible for Association membership for one annual dues contribution. Association members receive special recognition on the CANENA website and at the CANENA Annual General Meeting. The CANENA Executive Committee may award association membership, without additional dues payment, to those organizations who already provide substantive financial or in-kind resources to the Council.

For more information on membership in CANENA, contact Luis Ivan Hernandez (CANENA Registrar) or call 52 55 5747 4550 ext. 4564.

Supporting Company and Association Members