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CANENA promotes the competitiveness of industry through regional cooperation in the development and maintenance of electrotechnical safety standards that promote fair competition, leading to economies in production and elimination of confusion in the marketplace. CANENA members are positioned to reap the most economic benefit from trade agreements between nations and their investment in the standardization process. The reduction in differing standard requirements from country-to-country represented by harmonized standards helps to level the competitive playing field without compromise to safety, for anyone.

The success of CANENA depends on its membership – a diverse multi-national group of competing manufacturers, standards development organizations (SDO), and certification organizations (CO). CANENA remains a relevant model for regional cooperation in standardization in a global economy.

The highest priority and sole objective of CANENA members is harmonization of standards among willing participants.  Clearly however, the interface of CANENA’s activities with other standardization bodies in the region of the Americas, in other world regions, and IEC cannot be ignored.

The CANENA model has developed into an environment that is conducive to accomplishment of its member’s objectives. The result of the work programs of CANENA Technical Harmonization Committees is fewer standards, fewer different requirements and tests, and a clear understanding of remaining differences. Participating SDOs have benefited from the expanded pool of voluntary technical experts to fuel standards development and these experts are more efficiently used in both development and maintenance processes. When a harmonized standard is adopted through normal channels in each participating country, the result is lower cost access to the markets in each country for the product manufacturers, more consistent application of the standards by the accredited COs and more choices for the consumers in each country.

Its continuing role as facilitator is truly the only objective of CANENA. The only strategic direction the Council’s Executive Committee has is to satisfy its members in this role by providing a minimal infrastructure of organization and procedures under which manufacturers, SDOs and COs can continue to cooperate to reach common goals. The CANENA model has been very successful in this regard.

Increasingly, the CANENA model and the Council’s diverse membership are being seen as an inviting forum for exploring broader cooperation within the scope of electro-technical standardization.

The CANENA model, while effectively serving its members must not be seen as a threat, but rather a complement in our evolving regional standardization environment.

Cost of CANENA General Membership

Category | Annual Dues (USD)Member BenefitsCANENA Benefits
General Membership | $250.00All benefits accorded a Council voting member.Administrative funding.


For more information on membership in CANENA, contact Luis Ivan Hernandez (CANENA Registrar) at or call 52 55 5747 4550 ext. 4564.

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