This gives you everything you need to know about the standards process, tips and tools, and existing technical committees.

Process and ProceduresDescribes the process and procedures concerning the technical work, including harmonizing of standards and initiation of new standards development.
CANENA Standardization Procedures
Scope of CANENA standardization activities
General comments concerning CANENA standardization activities
CANENA Committees
Establishment of THCs
CANENA Technical Committees
THC or STC Operations
THC, THSC, STC, and CAG Membership
List of Terms
Procedures for Harmonizing ANCE / CSA / UL Standards
Initiating a New Harmonization or Change to an Existing Work Program
Project Harmonization Request Form

Tips, Tools and TrainingIf you’re are a THC Chair or Secretary, the information provided here to be very helpful in managing the THC activities and communicating with the ExCo.
CANENA Secretaries
SDO Comparison Document
Strategic Plan & Flow Chart For Harmonization
Suggested Draft Numbering System
Suggested Revision Cycle Document
IEC vs. CANENA Timelines
Best Practices Document

Committees and ContactsHere is where you will find a list of the technical committees, there scope and work program.
CANENA Technical Committees
Contacts for National Standards Developers
Supporting Company and Association Members