In order to promote the reduction in the number of National Differences the member’s revised/amended the following list of
suggested items for enhancing the chances of successful acceptance of proposed perspectives from North America into IEC Standards.

  • When a particular requirement doesn’t violate the CANENA country installation codes, it should be seriously considered for acceptance.
  • Promote and encourage an increased level of proactive participation from the CANENA member countries
  • Seek the continuity of established national participation at the IEC level (Insure succession plan for individuals participating on National Committees relative to IEC activities).
  • Provide Sound Technical substantiation for positions taken
  • Seek the early submission of comments/proposals, distribute comments/proposals informally to participants + committee leadership to assist in the formation of consensus viewpoints.
  • Encourage proactive responses and timely completion of action items
  • Encourage Participation by all CANENA countries at IEC WG Meetings
  • Ensure Clear/ succinct written and oral conveyance of all comments, proposals
  • Conduct Off line discussions with other participants during meetings –breaks, after meeting social, email before/After meetings.
Supporting Company and Association Members